The start of an endless evolution. EVolution Package

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When in need of stronger motion prevention,

When in need of longer battery & filming time,

When in need of unreachable higher angles,

When in need of smoother zoom techniques,

Upgrade your Everstick.

The Evolution of the Everstick does not end here.


A combination of endless functions,

Your personal, unique Everstick.

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The Everstick dedicated ‘Upgrade Kit’

The ‘EV Pack’ is the abbreviation of EVolution Package,

By replacing/attaching the parts to the modular Everstick,

The functions can be enhanced to fit personal tastes and needs

(The EV Pack will continue to be released based on customer feedback and research)



Make Your Own Everstick

When in need of stronger motion prevention

When in need of longer battery & filming time

When in need of smoother zoom techniques


02:Balance Controller

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01:Steady Holder

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03:Dali Pod

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Package Line up

Currently 6 types of EV Packs have been developed,

Of which some are planned to be released this year.


01: Steady Holder

EV Pack, the First

Seismometer x Microphone.

The world’s first motion preventing holder

Developed from the principles of the shock mount


02: Balance Controller

EV Pack, the Second

The essence of a balancing tool –

Further balancing the center of gravity.


EV Pack, the Third

03: Dali Pod

Whoever whenever wherever.

A cinema-level smooth zoom feature

Via the Ever Dali Pod. Work in Progress

Work in Progress