The Extreme Analog Irony

37cm, 400g.

The Steadicam, Tripod and Monopod

All in One Stick

Solid, yet Delicate

To be light, yet solid and

To be simple, yet delicate

Is not a simple task to execute.

The maximum efficiency found

in the extreme analog method.

The Everstick is the essence of the

greatest ‘Analog Irony’.

We proudly present

Wide angles and stabilization for your

Delicate filming experience

It took quite a while

For the small, light and powerful smartphone,

We devised the small, light and powerful filming device.

There’s More

The Everstick supports various angles and films via

the monopod function.

Low & High Angle


Shoulder Rig

The Maximum Minimum

Via this palm-sized grip,

The Everstick morphs into a Steadicam.

The delicate balance of the sturdy central shaft

Alongside the 3 rotational axes

Disperse and minimizes the motion sent to the grip.

Although it seems a monopod in its basic form,

When in need of a fixed angle with high exposure,

The tap of the handle reveals a tripod to fulfill your needs.

As if nothing were there


Unlike Any Before

It may seem unbelievable

3-Axis motion


Maximum 6-inch compatibility

Level meter &

90° rotatable setting

Starry skies, parties, concerts,

Every moment you wish to capture,

When or where it may be,

the Everstick

Will not miss a single moment

of your precious memory.


Whoever Whenever Wherever,

Film whatever you imagine

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#1212, 14, Yangpyeomg-ro 12ga-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu,

Seoul, Republic of Korea

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