Ready or Not,

We introduce you to the full Everstick guide for Directors.

Starting from the basic Everstick instruction videos

To the various filming technique walkthroughs

All of these services will be provided for you, and only you.


※This image was created to help understand the service, and may differ slightly from the actual service.

There’s a First Time for Everything

But that’s only for now. The Director Care of Infinite Neoism,

Will act as your coaching staff to instruct you and guide you

Depending on the location, time and film type you desire.

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The Director Care is a comprehensive care service for you, the Director


Good equipment is not the absolute answer to filming

From product operation, to production, lighting, acoustics and more, All of this care service is provided with No charge to Directors

who purchase the Everstick

How do I apply for the course?

How to use.

The Director Care is an Online Course 

Example : The mobile web UI (WIP) for the service

It will be open to Directors on

their phones and computers.

No matter what time or place it may be,

The Director Care will be an open service to Directors online.

Lesson 01. Everstick

Coming Soon


The Wonders Achieved

Through a 1.2ft Stick

Film Greater

With Us

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It hasn’t been easier,