Hello Director,

A startup founding new paths via infinite innovation, We are Infinite Neoism

Realizing smartphones are actually better than ‘expected’.

Dreaming of expert filming with more straightforward devices.

Shaping ways to create ‘cheaper’ and ‘efficient’ movies.

It all started from a few simple ideas.


Would you believe it,

if we said it is possible to become

the next Steven Spielberg

with a 1.2ft stick?


The Magical Word


Freedom is an essential factor in the field of arts.

Artists, from all walks of life, should be given the

Opportunity to unfold the world they imagine.

Thus, we developed a solution to such artists,

Through prolonged times of consideration,

We developed a product which would allow

Even the most novice and the neediest Directors

To expand their imagination into real life films.

We proudly present,

37cm, 400g. All three fundamental functions of filming – the steadicam, tripod and monopod – are integrated inside this single device, allowing its user to experiment with various angles and techniques.

From the selfie-stick at its range of 37cm to 102cm to so much more, the Everstick provides various functions in filming for its user. Wherever and whenever, whatever or whoever the subject may be, this ‘stick’ will allow you to take the shots of your dreams.

‘Small, Light & Powerful’ The Triple Crown


Our Service

Product based Branded Contents

From Product 

To Education

We are very straightforward. We believe the more ‘enjoyable’ we are, the more customers will like us. We are a brand not for a specific someone, but for anyone. Note that our work will not be limited to filming or film related devices – the Everstick is only our first step, and we have much more challenges we hope to overcome. Yet, certainly, we do hope that the Everstick will bring forth an era in which films can become means of everyday communication – this will definitely make the world more ‘enjoyable’, wouldn’t it? We dream of, and endeavor to create an ‘enjoyable’, movie-like world, where everyone will be the directors and audience of infinite films.

More Playable, More Payable


This would need reasonable equipment, accessible coaches, motivation for goals, and colleagues to cooperate with. Filming is not something achievable as a one-man team, neither something attainable through money or time. It needs a particular ‘chemistry’ among the various factors – a chemistry which will bring much more color and contents to the work and life of you, the Director. It will be a path we will assist as ‘crew’ members, supporting your productive and enjoyable new-found hobby.

A world where anyone can be a ‘Spielberg’.

We have a self-developed comprehensive filming solution, the Everstick, as well as the outlines of the first online film production education platform in Korea: the ‘Director Care’. Based on these services, we will support the growth of our Directors through the ‘Evolution Pack’s, run the ‘Directors Awards’, the ‘Ever Forum’, and many other branded contents, to encourage communication and activity among our numerous Directors. So… Why not?

Director, Start with us.

Team member

Infinite Neoism is currently led by the following members.

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